SCMChem Colloquium

The New Normal in Supply Chains–
Continuous Disruptions, Agile Supply Chains

26th March 2022



Covid-19 has shaken the foundation of our supply chains. Increasing uncertainty in chemicals requires companies to adopt new supply chain models. What was the structure of the Indian chemical supply chain? How did they fare during the multiple waves of the pandemic? What can help strengthen chemical supply chains going forward? How can the industry better prepare for major supply chain disruptions, ranging from pandemics and wars to trade disputes and short-term weather catastrophes? ISCM Forums, is organizing a Colloquium where heads of supply chains from leading chemical firms and leading chemical logistics service providers will meet and discuss the compelling issues that confront their supply chains. And co-create a way forward. This event is a serious effort towards bringing practioners who will elaborate the best practices and discuss their roadmap to achieve high level of operational efficiency.

Attendee Profile

15 speakers and over a 100 Top Supply chain professionals from who is who of Chemical industry will attend the event.

Colloquium Themes

The theme for the colloquium is “The New Normal – Continuous Disruptions, Agile Supply Chains

Perspectives on key issues confronting Chemical Supply Chain

Decarbonizing the Chemical Supply Chain – What can be done and What needs to be done?

Smart Logistics – How to create a safe, digitized, and resilient logistics network.

Planning in a volatile ecosystem – how to leverage planning for effective signaling across the supply chain.

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