The Indian Economy has emerged as the fastest growing large economy in the post pandemic world. As the world looks to a China plus 1 strategy, India is fast emerging as a choice for sourcing. The Atmanirbhar push from the Government helps in establishing India as a viable manufacturing base. This opens a whole new opportunity for companies in India. But there are a number of challenges we face.
To capitalize on the opportunities, companies in India need to focus on innovation, smart digitalization, resilience, agile supply chains, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. However, amidst all these changes, companies need to continue focus on their supply chains. Operational effectiveness cannot be achieved without a resilient supply chain – a healthy supply chain is likely to support a healthy manufacturer.
35 Plus expert industry leaders will discuss and deliberate on what needs to be done to transform and futureproof Indian manufacturing for the next decade.

Key Themes

Factory of the Future

How Geography and Geopolitics is shaping future Strategies

Planning in Uncertain Times

Long Term Planning in a volatile world – Constraints, Challenges, and the way forward.

Zero Downtime

Optimizing Supply Chain Design for Resilience and how manufacturing fits in?

The True Value of Digital Transformation

How Blockchain, IoT, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing are redefining factories?

Aiming for Net Zero

Integrating ESG Concerns in manufacturing strategy – The way ahead

Building Capabilities for the New Normal

What needs to be done?

Sectors Represented

Who will attend?

Apart from the 35 speakers, the summit will see active participation of 100 plus